Dwight Montgomery is a professional photographer based in South Florida. He is primarily a portrait artist, but he also covers weddings and events. 

For the last three years he has also expanding into the Beauty and Fashion world and hopes to become a recognized force, in this arena.

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Dwight became interested in photography in 1980, while attending Borough Of Manhattan Community College, in New York City. He joined the camera club there and never looked back.

He was first introduced to black and white photography and later branched out to color negative  and color slide film. In the early '90s he also started shooting Medium format cameras and worked part time as an assistant to some local Wedding Photographers.

His favorite photographers include Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Helmet Newton, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, Greg Gorman, Pete Turner, Monte Zucker, Rober Farber and many more young "rockstars" of today. 

Some of his other passions include swimming, listening to music and shooting (marksmanship).


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